IT Skills Shortage Germany | Gaining skilled workers? Or lose billions?

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Calculations by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) indicate that the shortage of skilled workers could cost the German economy $48 billion a year. Why is immigration the best solution? And what measures will bring quick help? So, what will help to combat Germany’s IT skills shortage in the long term?

What are the risks associated with Germany’s IT skills shortage? Why does Germany need foreign skilled workers?

(This article is based on the source: 10. Oktober 2022, 7:16 Uhr. Quelle: ZEIT ONLINE, dpa, mp) According to estimates by the experts at BCG, among the world’s strongest economies. So, only the USA loses more economic output each year due to the shortage of skilled workers than Germany. The loss is estimated at a whopping USD 84 billion. What is the basis for these figures? Figures from the Nuremberg Institute for Employment Research had reported 1.9 million job openings for the second quarter. Which is 1 million above the long-term average. Assuming an annual economic output of this million people, this results in the above figure.

How can we close the gap?

The author duo of the BCG study, Johann Harnoss and Janina Kugel, further calculate the extent to which immigration of skilled workers would have to take place in order to avoid slipping further into the loss zone in the future. Assuming that the proportion of people of working age decreases by 3 million by 2035, even immigration of 300,000 to 400,000 people would not close the gap. One of the solutions the authors propose is to train people in their home countries before recruiting them. As interesting as this proposal is, it raises questions in light of the current shortage of skilled workers.  How long would it take to organize such an outsourced training system? When will it have a positive impact on industries and companies? How can the economy be offered efficient, effective and pragmatic assistance IT Skills Shortage Germany here and now?

How do we help businesses here and now?

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