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Your international active sourcing platform: From people, with people, for people

You have determined that conventional headhunting is not sufficient when searching for international IT specialists? Because the contact persons do not speak the language and technical language of the target personas? You have made the experience that pure online matchmaking does not help to master all challenges either? Especially if your IT talent pool is located in third countries? You are looking for someone who brings a smart IT-based platform, a lot of experience in international recruitment and a strategically built existing network to the search?

Active Sourcing Plattform | brainsworld.io Prozesslösung vom internationalen IT Recruitment inkl. Visa Begleitung, Relocation und Onboarding


brainsworld.io’s custom-developed IT platform is based on a smart, database-driven concept as well as on a long-established network of contacts in the ecosystems of talent pools in South America, Asia and Africa. As a company or organization, you benefit from a proven, strategically built process as well as from our precise knowledge of the target markets and target personas in the interesting focus regions and third countries. Our digital platform for international recruiting simplifies the complex process from international IT recruitment to visa support, relocation and onboarding.

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