International Headhunting: Limitless or at the limit?

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More and more companies are finding that it is not easy to fill vacancies with suitable specialists and managers. This also applies – to an increasing extent – to jobs in the STEM sector. According to bitcom, there is a shortage of 137,000 IT specialists in Germany despite the war and crises. Jobs remain unfilled for an average of 7 months. So what to do? 

„War for Talents” on our own doorstep – and internationally

The well-known slogan “Imagine there’s a war on and nobody’s going” takes on a new meaning against the backdrop of the real competition for talent. The “war for talent” is raging on our own doorstep. However, no one automatically wants to go where the jobs are. Even the use of headhunters and the placement of online and print job advertisements often do not provide a sufficient degree of effectiveness and speed. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of them:

  • The candidate pool is limited to national contacts
  • Local candidates can often only be convinced to change with very good offers (and are subject to long notice periods)
  • International headhunters do not have the special processes and skills to support professionals, for example from third countries, through the bureaucratic jungle to the new workplace
  • Headhunters and contact persons in the companies do not speak the “language” of the respective IT professionals
  • There is a lack of access to talent pools
  • International competition is huge
  • Germany is not necessarily the first choice of highly qualified employees (language, bureaucracy, hurdles in the recognition of degrees, less net from gross …

Online ads and placement platforms also very often only inform that there is a need. They help to support the entire international recruitment process to success.

International Headhunting: Building good networks takes time, which is rarely available

Particularly in SMEs, the first reflex is to establish contact via colleagues. But the know-you-know-you principle very quickly reaches its limits. Even the approach of trying to make contact via existing business networks, such as the DIHK or the employment agency, takes a lot of time. Processing times are long. This is also due to a lack of human and digital resources.

At this point, good advice is expensive. But advice alone rarely brings concrete results. Active, supportive help can be cost-effective, and bring the right results. offers a strategically built network and access to talent pools in South America, Asia and Africa. Our own customized digital platform for international recruiting simplifies the complex process from international IT recruitment to visa support, relocation and onboarding. These processes are managed by us “to the last mile” to success.

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