Attracting IT talents worldwide: “I’m an entrepreneur, get me out of this bureaucratic jungle!”

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Your company is based in Germany or the EU, but the IT talents and professionals you need are based abroad. Often, continents and oceans separate you and your desired candidates. Not really a problem. Actually. Because in front of you lies one of the biggest obstacles on the way to the first day your new colleagues e.g. from South America, North Africa or Asia: The dreaded bureaucratic jungle. This begins in the destination country and ends here in Germany. But the good news is: even this jungle can be overcome. There are even shortcuts. You can find out what they are here.

How do we bring together what belongs together?

Let’s take the case, for example, that you want to hire an IT specialist from India out of Germany. They have found each other and want to get together. For this to happen, both sides have to navigate through a complex process. For example, do German employers have to prove that the desired position cannot be filled by a force from the Federal Republic or the EU? The statements from the Federal Labor Office on this matter: “In most cases, access to the German labor market for foreign skilled workers from third countries requires the approval of the Federal Labor Agency (BA).”

And it goes on to say, “Consent is usually granted if the following conditions are met:

  • A concrete job offer exists: The employment contract is usually accepted as proof.
  • The working conditions are comparable to those of domestic employees. The examination is based on the “Declaration of Employment Relationship” form, which has been completed in full and signed by the employer.
  • The professional qualification of the foreign specialist must enable him/her to perform the employment; in the case of the EU Blue Card, the employment must be appropriate in relation to the qualification.”

Formulations such as “in most cases” or the comments on the “professional qualification of the foreign specialist” as well as other further comments on “approval for employment by the Federal Employment Agency” or the “accelerated specialist procedure” suggest: expertise is required here if everything is to proceed swiftly and smoothly. Whereby “speedy” is a very relative term. There also seems to be experience that it cannot be that easy to have qualifications from third countries recognized here.

According to and other sources, rigid handling of the regulations is one of the reasons why Germany is not in the top 10 on the popularity scale for foreign specialists. But even in the home countries of the coveted STEM talents, the official horse whinnies quite loudly. Adequately meeting the demand for skilled workers still requires a lot of preparation or the use of appropriate “global sourcing” platforms.

Intelligent Global IT Talent Recruitment as a Shortcut through the Authorities Jungle?

Experience has shown that “off-the-shelf” solutions are of little help with such complex tasks. Here, the detailed expertise and the appropriate network in the target countries are often lacking in order to achieve really meaningful results. The network is too coarse-meshed and lacks intercultural competence. This is where approaches such as’s specially developed IT platform for global sourcing come into play. It is based not only on a smart, database-driven concept, but also on a long-established network of contacts in the talent pool ecosystem. The focus is on interesting regions in South America, Asia and Africa. Searching companies use a strategically built process that has been proven in practice. This is based on very good connections and knowledge of the target markets and target personas. Our digital platform for international recruiting simplifies the complex process from international IT recruitment to visa support, relocation and onboarding.

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