IT Skilled Worker Shortage salary | What can you earn as an IT specialist in Germany in which industry sector?

As an IT specialist, you are particularly sought-after in Germany and accordingly welcome. As a result, the hurdles for you in terms of residency are significantly lower. Among other things, this applies to the lower minimum annual salary that you need for a Blue Card as an IT professional. But what can you earn with us?

What do you earn in which IT career field?

(This article is largely based on the source: “Einstiegsgehalt für Informatiker 2022” in get in IT) German average salaries in IT professions vary depending on the degree (qualification), professional experience, occupational field, industry and federal state. The size of a company also plays a role, as does the choice between public sector or private sector, start-up, SME or large company. In order not to make things too complicated, we will take a closer look at the occupational fields as well as the salary prospects. This will give you a first impression of the potential earnings opportunities as an IT specialist in Germany.

IT Skilled Worker Shortage | What does a young professional earn? What does a manager earn? And what a junior?

The following figures are only averages, but they give you an initial idea of how salaries vary according to professional experience. Not surprisingly, executives (up to 10 years) are at the top of the salary scale with 69,600 to 90,700 euros per year. They are followed by senior professionals with 6-10 years of experience and 63,100 to 77,000 euros p.a. Professionals with 3-5 years on the job and 55,300 to 67,200 euros p.a., and young professionals with 2 years after training and 48,700 to 57,700 euros p.a.. But also young talents directly after the training earn very well in the national comparison with 44,400 to 51,400 euros p.a. when entering the IT profession. IT security is the number one occupation, followed by consulting, application development, embedded systems development, research, database development / BI and business analysis.

What you need to do now to get started in Germany?

If you are not from the EU, there are a few things to consider when starting your career. And it is important to get answers to questions such as the right contacts to employers, flights at the best conditions, obtaining a visa, a “Blue Card”, learning the language, the accompaniment and support on official visits, the search for an apartment and much more. Brainsworld offers support from job search to matchmaking, visa procurement and accompaniment of the IT_force until the first working day in Germany.


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