The Tables Have Turned – What can our smart active sourcing solution do to combat the IT skills shortage?

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Companies and organizations still rely on classic methods from the HR repertoire for IT recruiting. These included job ads in online media and print, presence at talent fairs, classic headhunting and candidate approach. Job providers begin their search when demand arises – that is, too late. But the real global “war for talent” mercilessly exposes the inadequacy of these measures.

Where is the journey heading in the world of IT skills shortages?

In the STEM professions in particular, it is clear that the cards are not just being reshuffled. Rather, the roles of the players are reversing. Companies will have to compete for skilled workers. Game changers such as AI-based technologies for more and more industries will further intensify the competition for specialists to an unimagined extent. Yet we are only at the beginning of a very deep, broad and far-reaching development. So far, this has put business models and social models to the test. So what needs to be done?

Active sourcing – what are often made mistakes?

One answer to this question about the solution to the shortage of skilled workers is active sourcing, which is often translated as “actively approaching candidates”. However, the usual mix of measures is still used far too often, such as job advertisements (print and online), headhunting and contact fairs. However, in the international competition for talent, it is hardly possible to close gaps promptly and effectively in this way. The networks used in-house and via headhunters are often not built up strategically, precisely and systematically. And they do not extend far enough into the global IT world. The target personas are not identified and defined precisely enough. The contacts of the specialists to be recruited do not speak the language of the IT specialists. And far too often, it is not 100 percent clear where the people being sought are to be found.

Using a process-oriented, IT-based and global active sourcing solution

It pays to use smart means in the search for smart professionals. Companies and organizations of all sizes should focus on “active candidate acquisition” instead of “active candidate approach”. What does this mean in concrete terms? International Recruiting by relies on a specially developed, IT-based Recuitment Platform Made in Germany. It offers access to a grown worldwide network of contacts especially in South America, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The solution is ideally suited for demand-driven active sourcing. It supports companies and specialists in …

  • Candidate approach and matchmaking
  • Visa and entry processes
  • Administrative procedures in Germany
  • Insurance issues
  • Accommodation and housing issues
  • Onboarding at the new workplace
  • Assistance until the first working day in the new company

In this way, mistakes in the search for talent can be avoided. The solution is precisely targeted, culturally and professionally competent, and extremely efficient and effective.

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