IT job market future | How attractive is Germany for foreign skilled workers?

Germany offers you many advantages once you have established yourself here. The country offers security, a good education system, a stable political system, access to the European Union and much more. However, you have to take care of some things before you can get started here. Accompanying help makes things easier.

IT job market future | Why Germany is more attractive than expected?

(This article is largely based on the source:: Süddeutsche Zeitung, “Deutschland ist für ausländische Akademiker attraktiver als gedacht” 17. Oktober 2021, 18:57 Uhr) Germany, like Canada, has the reputation of being one of the most open countries for specialists from all over the world. A report by the Boston Consulting Group even states that Germany is already a top destination for well-educated and highly qualified migrant workers. Thus, according to BCG, the country ranks 4th, after Canada, the USA and Australia in attractiveness for international talents. These are people who have at least a bachelor’s degree and will earn 60,000 euros or more. It is obvious that IT professionals will be well received here.

What are the advantages? Where are there hurdles??

Germany is much more open to immigration than many people around the world think. Visa issuance, for example, is easier than in many countries. Which does not mean that they are really easy. For example, there are difficulties with the integration of foreign professionals. Here, the language plays an important role. It is considered much more difficult to learn than, for example, English or Spanish. Even though English is often already the lingua franca in highly qualified jobs, the national language still plays an important role. At work, and especially in everyday life. So integration into the working world and society will be much easier if you learn the language. But it’s not much different in any country in the world. Especially in the countries that don’t have English as their native or official language.

Where can you find support for integration?

Brainsworld’s mission is not only to help you find a job and navigate the bureaucratic processes from obtaining a visa to accessing the health and welfare system. We also help you integrate into a world you want to arrive in. This applies to organizing good language courses as well as accompanying you through the unfamiliar new everyday life. We are at your side. From the first steps in your country, to your first day at work in Germany.


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